Arby’s Oreo-Topped, Oreo-Stuffed, And Oreo-Dusted Oreo Bites Are Back

According to Chew Boom, Arby’s is bringing back its (fairly new) Oreo Bites back. The little donuts—which were first introduced around this time last year—are now on menus again at participating Arby’s locations.

In case you weren’t able to grab a pack the first time around, the dessert is being described as “chocolate doughnut bites baked with real Oreo wafer pieces, filled with Oreo crème and dusted with an Oreo sugar blend.” Oh, and they’re served warm.

They originally came in $2.59 six-packs; It’s unclear if the deal is the same this time. All we really know for sure is that there’s a big “LIMITED TIME” notification in regard to these guys on Arby’s site. That’s all to say we have no idea how long we’re going to get to enjoy these…though the repeat timing implies it may very well be an annual seasonal treat from now on.