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Ohio State University Now Has a Bacon Vending Machine

During final exams season, students are sweating a lot of things: their grades, term papers, having to go home and see their family… But this year, students at Ohio State University will be getting the meat sweats as well.

That’s because the University’s College of Food, Agricultural and Environmental Sciences has a brand new, extra-special vending machine that serves nothing but bacon. That’s right, PETA; OSU students are going to the vending machine and bringing home the bacon.

The vending machine was set up last week in the college’s Animal Science building, according to the Columbus Dispatch, where it has drawn crowds non-stop, requiring the machine to be refilled up to five times per day. For a dollar per item, it spits out bacon bits and shelf-stable strips.

Student bacon lovers have the Ohio Pork Council to thank for the machine, which will be in place until the 13th. The lobbying group provided the machine, while meat giants Smithfield, Hormel and Sugardale provided the product. All money raised through the sale of these bacon products will go to OSU’s “meat science program.”

We asked our very own Ohio native, GK Entertainment Editor Ricky Smith, to explain the wild success of such salty technology.

“Only Ohioans could find a way to make ready-to-eat bacon even easier,” he wrote in a Slack statement.

Convenient indeed.

If you’re not a student at Ohio State, don’t despair; there are plenty of easy ways to get your bacon with ease. Take, for instance, this bacon-in-the-oven hack. While you might not be able to fry it up in the middle of your office, you can store it in a little paper bag and take it out when the urge strikes.

Good eating, friends.


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