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This Oreo Turntable Actually Plays Music

Vinyl is dead, long live cookies!

Fear not, ye audiophiles, the audio medium of the future will not be your iPhone or those “retro” cassette tapes that they now sell at Urban Outfitters; instead, it will be music played by Oreo cookies.

In a nod to music lovers, a new Oreo gift tin available on Amazon includes a special device that uses those black-and-white, stuffed cookies to play music.

As the Oreo spins with the “needle” above it, the special cookie player plays a song. When you take a bite out of your cookie and put it back, it plays a different song! You can even record your own message or music on the device and surprise your friends when you present them with your “freshly-pressed” Oreo LP.

The gift tin also includes regular Oreos, Oreo thins and limited edition white fudge Oreos.


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