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Williams Sonoma Hid A Real-Life Golden Ticket Worth up To $1,000 In 1,500 Tins Of Peppermint Bark

Peppermint bark may seem like one of those things that has been around for eternity, but—surprise!—it turns 20 this year. And over the 20 years, it’s safe to say that peppermint bark has become a holiday institution. Heck, you can even buy Hannukah bark now!

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of its sweet invention, Williams Sonoma is releasing a whole new line of peppermint bark products, and, as some will be pleasantly surprised to discover, it is sticking a whole bunch of golden gift cards in random boxes.

That’s right, there’s “a chance to win in every tin.” Inside over 1,500 boxes of Williams Sonoma peppermint bark there will be Wonka-esque golden gift cards, ranging in value from $20 to $1,000, which can be cashed in for either super-chic kitchenware or, obviously, more peppermint bark.

Williams Sonoma’s bark, according to the company, was inspired by its founder’s love of both white and dark chocolate, as well as his affection for dogs. Woof! Each year, the kitchen supply brand uses “1 million pounds of Guittard chocolate and 65,000 pounds of peppermint bits” to make the holiday treat.

This year, consumers will have more options than ever, as the brand launches 10 new products. Among them is a Peppermint Dog Tin ($29.95), containing Peppermint Bark “Paws,” pretzels, “Bites” and “Dark Bark Bites,” as well as a Peppermint Bark Sampler ($44.95) with classic, salted and dark chocolate barks, and a Peppermint Bark Ice Cream Starter ($15.95).


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