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Hershey’s First New Kiss in 10 Years Tastes Like a Warm Holiday Beverage

Well, the weather outside isn’t quite frightful just yet, but that doesn’t mean we can’t start thinking about warm evenings by the fire (if you have one of those) with a mug of hot chocolate.

If you’re not in the mindset yet, the Hershey’s Kisses brand sure is. Last week, the chocolatiers behind Grandma’s shiny green-and-red candy bowl announced its first new flavor in a decade: Hot Cocoa.

The new Kisses have a marshmallow cream center, which is surrounded by a “rich hot cocoa plume,” making them an ideal candy imitation of the beloved holiday beverage.

Hershey’s sent Genius Kitchen a bag to try, and we found the candies to be very, very sweet, to say the least. The chocolate exterior did remind us of a solid pouch of Swiss Miss cocoa, while the white center was more milky than marshmallowy. We would have been even more jazzed if the interior was actual marshmallow, but overall we found it to be a solid addition to the holiday candy bowl.

Also available this holiday season will be the traditional Kisses in red, white and green, as well as white chocolate candy cane Kisses. Refreshing!

Hershey’s holiday Kisses will be available beginning November 1st at all major retailers, nationwide.


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