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October at Applebee’s Means $1 Zombie Cocktails with Brains

On the one-year anniversary of its first one-dollar cocktail special, Applebee’s is back for round lucky-number-13 with the “Dollar Zombie,” a mystical blue concoction topped with a spine-chilling brain garnish.

According to Applebee’s, the Dollar Zombie was crowdsourced from passionate fans, who decided that they wanted a low-cost tipple combining rum, pineapple, passion fruit, cherry and lime flavors. Each cocktail comes served with a gummy brain on top, since everybody knows that the intellectual organ is a zombie’s favorite snack.

The 10-ounce electric blue cocktails will be available to adults at participating Applebee’s restaurants for the entire month of October, helping customers get into the Halloween spirit.

Applebee’s first introduced its Neighborhood Drink of the Month program last October, when it offered margaritas for a singular dollar bill (plus tax and tip). While the drinks are meant to get customers through the door in a declining age of casual chains, the drinks have proven to be hit or miss depending on the establishment, since they are mixed in batches.

If you choose to order one with dinner, be careful; the company warns that the taste may be… “infectious.”


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